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Animal husbandry and aquacultureThe four major problems facing the
Four problems faced by livestock breeding industry
If you are engaged in farming for many years,
Why the disease is more and more complicated
Animals have more and more difficult
More and more difficult to make money?
Want to easily to solve these problems?
Junan creatures are you not hesitate to choose,We will be professional
Probiotics,The fermentation of Chinese herbal medicine,Provide one-stop shop for you
The solution。
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About JunanSHENGWU
Henan junan biotechnology co., LTD is built according to modern enterprise system products、Scientific research and development、After-sales service as one of the new joint-stock enterprises。In the company2013Years8On reconstruction,Covers an area of20m,The total investment1000More than ten thousand yuan,Plant area7000Square meters,Office and accessory occupancy3000Square meters。Company is mainly engaged in biological feed、The development of biological feed additives and technology popularization。The company has a strong scientific research and development、Sales、Service team,Researchers mainly by henan agricultural university、Therefore very helpful professional professor of economics at henan animal husbandry、Associate professor,Scientific research can get the hatch and promotion in time,Truly reflect the organic combination of production。Company existing staff100People,The professor、Associate professor5People,Dr2People,Have a technical department,Production sales,
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Straw method was studied
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Breeding industry in China”Without a fight”In the future
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Bean dregs starter r &d and production
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