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Qianshan tianbao fructus professional cooperatives is located in the hometown of snakegourd fruit-Anhui buried hill,Is one specialized is engaged in the construction of snakegourd fruit base,Trichosanthes seed sales,Cultivation of technical guidance,Snakegourd fruit product sales company,Professional provide snakegourd fruit seedlings、Snakegourd fruit seedlings、Trichosanthes root、Snakegourd fruit base、Snakegourd fruit shell、Melon basket、Snakegourd fruit planting technology、Snakegourd fruit planting base,The company passed by15Years of careful of snakegourd fruit varieties nationwide survey、Collection、Purified、Hybridization、Selective breeding、Detoxification、Seed,And a lot of field experiments,By the examination and approval of anhui province,Develop a new snakegourd fruit varieties----Anhui fructus18Number, We have high quality of snakegourd fruit seedlings base(1100m),Seedlings are sold by seedling after seed,Ensure the purity of seedlings and fine quality。Warmly welcome people from all walks of life come to visit、Inspection、Business negotiations。

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Trichosanthes seed technology and business prospects

Qianshan tianbao fructus professional cooperatives specialized in snakegourd fruit seedlings,Research on marketing and sales work,Sell high quality pure natural buried hill basket seedlings,Trichosanthes son,Snakegourd fruit skin, etc.Company to choose the best essence of snakegourd fruit seedlings......

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