Paper making dispersant
Retention agent
The zwitterionic polyacrylamide
Polyaluminium chloride
PolyacrylamidePAM(The ions)
Hydrolysis of polyacrylonitrile calcium salt
Sulfonated lignite
Sulfonated asphalt powder
Drilling fluid with sulfonated methyl phenol resin SM
Vinyl monomer copolymer PAC
Carboxymethyl cellulose-CMC
Strong zwitterionic polymer package is agentFA3
Acrylamide and sodium acrylate copolymer 8
Hydrolysis of polyacrylonitrile-Potassium KHPA
Drilling fluid with montan resins SPNH

  Puyang city pearl chemical co., LTDLocated in huanghe river oil field headquarters is located in puyang PuDong industrial zone,Is located in hebei、Lu、And henan provinces border,Jingjiu railway、106National road and surrounding highways connected across the country for the company provides a powerful traffic security。The company adopts domestic advanced production lines,The main production of polyacrylamide(PAM)。Carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC)、Acrylamide and sodium acrylate copolymer(80A-51)、Compound ionic polyacrylic acid salt(PAC-141)All sorts of fields such as chemical products。Company since its establishment in“Strives for the survival by the quality、To the credibility of development”Is the management idea,For the majority of users to provide quality services,By the relevant state departments and highly praised by the majority of users。The products sell well in environmental protection、Paper making、Coal washing、Textiles、Water treatment、Chemical industry、Oilfield drilling and other industries,Product sales throughout the country and each big oilfield。

Contacts:Xu manager
Pass The true:0393-2235268
Hand Machine:18239306555
The ground The address:PuDong wu zheng professional industrial zone2Kilometers
The letter

And may be prepared 41092702000118Number

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