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 The surplus electronics co., LTD. Changshu city, jiangsu province is located in the beautiful scenery of the town changshu branch follows,The Yangtze river in the north,With Shanghai、Suzhou、Wuxi、Changzhou border,The transportation is convenient。

 The company production of soft magnetic ferrite core,The power of iron oxide material with high saturation magnetic flux density,High frequency characteristics,The characteristics of ultra-low power consumption。Widely used in all kinds of audio and video equipment、Electric light source、Communications, and other various kinds of control circuit for switching power supply transformer magnetic core。

 High permeability material,With high initial permeability,The characteristics of high stability,And has good resistance characteristics。Be used as a filter core and anti-jammingEMCMagnetic core。

 Manufacturing high-power switching power supply transformer core is our strong point,Products are widely used in inverter welding machine,Ultrasonic generator,Reactor and various kinds of power equipment。

 The company has a group of high-level technical personnel and skilled workers,And has advanced production equipment and testing instruments,To satisfy the needs of high levels of core production。

 Our company is in2013Years8In the new in a kiln,Our annual production is now3000Tons。

 We will continue to develop new products,Actively meet various customer needs,Quickly to provide products and satisfactory service。

 In this company2007Years passedISO9000Certification。

 We sincerely welcome new and old friends to patronize

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    • Day Yang2018/8/23 13:44:59
      hell,Consult a ferrite with you,All say your this brand is good,I in baidu search to your industry,See you also in it,Conveniently to vote for,But there is no product specific information,Can you please sent your website?
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