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Jiangyin port of the poly xin refrigeration equipment factory is located in jiangyin city, jiangsu province along the Yangtze river delta port。East of zhangjiagang,Changzhou is in the west,Wuxi in the south,The Yangtze river in the north(Jiangyin Yangtze river bridge),Highway system、Habitat and the new railway to wear long,Developed economy,The transportation is convenient,The geographical environment is exquisite。
Jiangyin port of the poly xin refrigeration equipment factory for machinery manufacturing processing enterprise, For many years engaged in refrigeration equipment and calender sewing detector,Fabric with metal detectors,Rags are detector,The middle detector,Head controller,Rags are detector,Accumulated a lot of practical experience。Product quality is reliable,Considerate service。Poly xin refrigeration has been manufacturing、Install the integration of the modern enterprise。
Enterprise management aim:“Products on behalf of the character,Oneself first,After work;Integrity,Is good enough,As righteousness wisdom;For there is no lack of benevolence,Business is not lack of moral,Equality and mutual benefit,Common development。
Jiangyin port poly xin refrigeration equipment factory
Address:Jiangyin port of binjiang road812Number
Contacts:Xu qing
The phone:0510-86633075
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Jiangyin port poly xin refrigeration equipment factory  The company address:Jiangyin port of binjiang road812Number  Contacts:Xu qing  The phone:0510-86633075  
Fax:0510-86633075   SueICPTo prepare10225592Number-1

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