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Chenzhou others out environmental protection technology co., LTD

Chenzhou others out environmental protection technology co., LTD. Was established2007Years9Month7Day,The department of state water special“Lead in the water、Cadmium、Arsenic、Zinc、Tin polymetallic composite whole process pollution control technology research and engineering demonstration project”Support unit and heavy metals in xiangjiang river basin pollution control engineering demonstration enterprises,Is a high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province、New material reserve and key listed enterprise。 Company is environmental management enterprises。The company“The weak oxygen magnetization roasting”“High temperature chlorination of gold”And“Pure oxygen pressure leaching”Such as the international advanced technology,      【In more detail】

    • The product name:Gold

    • Arsenic alkaline recycling and disposal technology through expert review
      • 10Month14Day,In lengshuijiang city committee、Government organization of xikuangshan area arsenic alkaline innocent treatment and resource recovery technology project review meeting,A new kind of arsenic alkaline wet disposal technology obtained by evaluation experts,Xikuangshan area arsenic alkaline processing capacity is expected to be fully improve。Arsenic alkaline is antimony fire smelting enterprises to produce a kind of hazardous solid waste,Is in the process of antimony or blast furnace method,By adding soda ash(Sodium carbonate)And caustic soda(Sodium hydroxide...In more detail>>

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