Anyang city ou far media co., LTD. Is located in anyang city civilization avenue and Paris in the spring of community hospital TieXi Road intersection。  Designed for anyang taxisLEDAdvertising created new media,Since its establishment,Always adhere to the“To provide customers with effective advertising works”The management idea,With innovative thinking,Exquisite technology and high quality service well received by new and old customers。The company has advanced office facilities,Good production equipment,Professional staff,Relying on the city's taxi for media resources,To create advertising media industry the forefront of the anyang region。
    2012Years,O far people all over the country,Study the shenyang tianyu star、Hainan big wei tang, etc10More than one company,20More than a taxiLEDDome light advertising city,The introduction of advanced...
Our mission: 1、Let the taxi dome lightledAdvertisement flashing day and night。 2、Before make a taxi、After seating brilliant color ads 3、Release cab front dome light“Named”Image advertising。Our purpose is:  Powerful choreography advertisements every day,To get everything,To establish a strong media,Customer satisfaction forever in the first!  Our goal is:A year and stronger anyang market;Two years out of henan;Three years in the central plains......  Our slogan:Professional、Diligence、Professional dedication,Thinking、Struggle、Unity。  “Wisdom creates value,Creative achievements”,O far are setting sail,We sincerely hope to cooperate with large enterprises and businesses,Market and brand dream together!

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