Jia fu door industry high-grade carved door

A、Rock solid  Tong jia fu door industry high-grade carved door USES zinc alloy plate,0.8cmThe thick door plank,1.5cmThick frame,9Cm the thickness of the door,Genuine materials,A solid,Rock solid,Show different,Your second show and prosperity、Professional lock Safe jia fu door locks using specialized explosion proof lock body、SuperCLock,Guard against theft proof pry,High safety coefficient,Pry proof performance,It is more convenient to use three、Upgrade copper hinge Beautiful and strong

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Anlu jia fu door industry co., LTD

Address:Anlu Yun waterway161Number
The phone:0712-5282888  


    Anlu jia fu door industry co., LTD,Anlu 51 industrial park is located in hubei province,Yun river water。Historical and cultural thick here,A tang dynasty poet li bai of second home。AnLu traffic developed,Blessed silver high speed、316National highway、HanDan line to wuhan、Xiangyang、Shiyan、Xiaogan and other large and medium-sized cities,A convenient traffic。

    The company was established in2004Years,Existing13Years of experience in production enter-door accumulation。The company now has steel non-standard door production line、The production line and stainless steel door three production lines,I company specializing in the design、Manufacturing、Sales of steel enter-door、Guard against theft、Stainless steel door, etc,It happened“Yu jia•Surplus”And“Blessed”、“Happy home.Is thriving”Three independent brands and products。The company has introduced the advanced production technology,Configure the fitting together of parts of modern production lines。Product process maturity,Quality is perfect。At the same time,Company talents,Gathered a group of pioneering and innovative spirit of senior management and technical personnel。To establish a set of advanced management mode,And in2006Years passedISO9001-2000Quality management system certification,In2009Years10Months to completeISO9001-2008Version of the replacement review work。

    Companies adhering to the“The customer is supreme、Team work、The pursuit of excellence”In the spirit,Take customer satisfaction as the starting point,Continuous improvement、Full participation、Continuous improvement、Strive for perfection,Improve customer satisfaction。Customer satisfied products and service to win customers,To obtain a larger market。The company strives for the survival by the quality、To the credibility of development,Marketing network in wuhan、Xi 'an、AnLu radiation surrounding areas for the center,Trusted by the user in different places,Is becoming more influential brand advantage。

    The company has a good development and prospects,By society and government attention。The government's concern and support for our company bigger and stronger provides a strong motivation and development environment,The company will develop faster,Return society,With more quality products and services customers return。

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