Companies adhering to the principle of this,Take advantage of large-scale production and procurement of raw materials group,For dyeing and printing auxiliaries provide printing and dyeing auxiliary intermediates and concentrated in the same industry,Expand the market hand in hand to create Shared results with the same industry,Participate in market competition,Achieve the goal of win-win。

Professional production and sales of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries and surfactants,Aggregate、Work、Trade and integration,
Sets the mayor of jiangyin mountain chemical chuan aid agent works,
Jiangyin rong da chemical co., LTD,
Jiangyin ShuaiJin international trading co., LTD,
Hong Kong, jiangyin coffee club。

The company has the independent research and development、Production、Sales and offer
For the ability of professional services。

Products sold throughout the country,Export overseas。
Have a perfect management and new business ideas。
The company has 12 production workshop,
A central laboratory,The existing staff300Many people,
Engineering and technical personnel60Many people,
Senior engineer5Name,A master's degree2Name。


Address:Jiangyin city, jiangsu province hill road1Number
The phone:0510-86267858 Or 86263828

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