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Nantong sent the first pesticide chemical industry co., LTD. Is engaged in pesticide production(According to the pesticide production approved by the approval certificate for products、Deadline for production、The mixed、 Processing  )The enterprise,Chinese companies by Bolivia zhi-jun tang Mr Personal investment(The registered capital6228.187Ten thousand yuan)。Fine chemical industry park is located in rugao port economic development zone,The geographical position is superior,In the south of the Yangtze river,From gao zhang QiDu10Minutes' drive,Ning-tong expressway in the north,In the highway along the river through it,The traffic is very convenient。
    The company was founded in2003Years11Month,2006Years moved to rugao port fine chemical industry park,Now covers an area of27335Square meters,Existing7000By the square meters of factory building and production,With water production line,Production line, etc,Butter production line,Products involved in pesticides、Fungicide、Herbicides and health insecticide、Pesticide intermediates five categories,The intermediate of synthesis workshop2Building,Annual production capacity1500Tons,Preparation processing workshops4Building,Annual production capacity5000Tons,The warehouse3Building,Warehousing300Tons,At the same time the company has perfect quality assurance system,Laboratory through the petroleum and chemical industry enterprise quality inspection institutionsBLevel certification,With high performance liquid chromatograph,The gas phase color meter,Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, and so on instrument,Can completely meet the needs of all kinds of production。
    The company offers comprehensive management department,The finance department,The purchasing department,Their department,The production department,The quality department,Finished etc,The existing staff76Name,Among them、Senior technical personnel8Name,Management personnel18Name,The workers50Name,In the age20Years old-30Years old10Name,30Years old-40Between the ages of have36Name,40Years old-50Years of age28Name,50In the age of2Name,Have college degree or above40Name,Graduate students2Name。The company always adhere to the people-oriented,Attaches great importance to the construction of talent team,Training and needed to absorb the business of all kinds of talents,At the same time to strengthen the cooperation with universities and related scientific research units,Ongoing knowledge innovation and technological innovation,Companies adhere to the development of people first,Plant cultivation,To realize win-win situation the enterprise and the staff is the basic idea of the company。
    The company in strengthening the construction of infrastructure and talent at the same time,Also combined with the actual situation of enterprises to formulate a series of rules and regulations,Clear all departments and related personnel appraisal indicators,According to the modern enterprise management the enterprise operation of all kinds of complete formalities。
    My company's existing varieties30More than one,All products raw materials,Basically can satisfy the demand in jiangsu province and more varieties of the same producers,The company has the self-management import and export rights,Market demand is flourishing,Some products in short supply。Sincerely welcome the able person Allies sent first pesticide chemical industry co., LTD,For the development of the company and strive to realize their individual value。

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