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Wulian fu tai stone co., LTD is located in rizhao city of shandong province wulian stone material industry park,Fu tai stone is a major production of wulian ash、Five lotus、Wulian red stone manufacturers,Mainly provide five lotus stone on the side of the road、Five lotus fire board、Wulian red stone on the side of the road、Wulian red luyandan、Five stone lotus、Wulian red stone、Wulian ash、Dry hangs Taiwan、Five lotus luyandan、Wulian red plate burning, etc。It has abundant resources、Science and technology strength,To high standards of complete specification sheet and various kinds of special shape of stonework,In addition to luyandan series stone,Also can produce more than 30 varieties of granite large size plate plate、Fire board and mushroom stone,The quality of the products more、Favorable price and the company good reputation,Sell well all over the country...

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