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        Hubei kaiyuan ChuFeng jianke group jingzhou new material co., LTD2014Years9Month was established,Located in jingzhou city economic development zone industrial park of school in longshan road,Companies registered capital2700Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff60People,Senior technical titles2People,In the、Junior technical titles37People。As wall materials industry association vice President of units, hubei province,Jingzhou city energy conservation association member units,2016Years in hubei province high and new technology enterprise,2017Years5Association of Chinese circular economy on working committee awarded the wall materials innovation“Five-year national wall materials innovation benchmarking enterprises”,The company plans2017At the end of the new three board listing。
       The company has an annual production capacity25Thousands of cubic meters of sand autoclaved aerated concrete block(The plank)Intelligent production line and produce8Ten thousand tons of special binder sand autoclaved aerated concrete production line。Accurate block and plate mainly calcareous material and the siliceous material as the main raw materials(Plate increase steel fabric),Mixed gas agent,After fine grinding、Ingredients、Stir、Pouring、The static limit、Cutting and autoclaved curing and forming of new wall materials。The plank production line to fill the gaps in hubei province,For the fifth house。The company's products with precision、Light weight、Heat preservation、Sound insulation sex、Fire retardancy、The permeability resistance、Vibration resistance、Environmental security、To facilitate the construction and comprehensive cost saving project, etc。Product specifications and varied,Can also be used“Character customisation”,Is the best choose of prefabricated building structure wall body material。
The products of the company
The company produces the sheet sand autoclaved aerated concrete
The company produces the sheet sand autoclaved aerated concrete
Use sand autoclaved aerated concrete wall panel
The company produces the precise sand autoclaved aerated concrete block
The company produces the precise sand autoclaved aerated concrete block
The company produces the sand autoclaved aerated concrete external wall decoration...
The company produces the sand autoclaved aerated concrete external wall decoration...
Special binder sand autoclaved aerated concrete products
Important information
       9Month4On the afternoon,Kaiyuan(Jiangling)The company is、VIP hum、A clean and tidy environment、The production order。Stop their pre-season tour of the city's third quarter project activities in this review to inspect it。Vice secretary of municipal party committee、Zhou jing, director of the standing committee,Wang Shouwei, chairman of the CPPCC...
       According to hubei ChuFeng jianke group“Raised primarily、Multi-industry simultaneously、Relying on science and technology、Extension development”The strategy,With a mature technology、Market and brand advantages,Positive preempted market of new green energy conservation and environmental protection wall materials,In2018Earlier this year in the river...
       7Month13Monday morning,Group company was held in the meeting room on the sixth floor2019In the first half of the year work summary meeting,Group and each subsidiary105Metre above personnel to attend the meeting,Comrade Shao Dajin chaired the meeting。At the meeting,Group company finance minister zhang climbing...
       On the basis of《The articles of association of the communist party of China》The relevant provisions,And Gao Xinyuan school continent south of the city community party spirit of the relevant documents,7Month1On the afternoon,The group company party branch in the meeting room on the sixth floor held a general election。South of the city Gao Xinyuan working committee member、Management committee...
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Address:The area south of the city development zone, jingzhou city, hubei province jingzhou school states on the west side
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