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Long Sheng industry

Chemical industry

Chemical industry is one of the core industries of Long Sheng,Products involved in textile chemicals、Chemical building materials、Fine chemical intermediates、Inorganic chemicals, and other fields,Annual production capacity is achieved100Ten thousand tons,The product sells in distant markets70To many countries and regions。More and more

About Long Sheng

Zhejiang Long Sheng was established1970Years,At present has become the chemical industry、Steel parts、The real estate、Comprehensive multinational enterprise group financial investment four-wheel drive。2010Years,Long Sheng by starting debts into shares holding dystar global companies,To control dye industry say。The main dye in the global market,Zhejiang Long Sheng has more than30A sales entities,In the service7,000Home customers,Accounts for about almost21%Share of the market,In all key markets with sales and technical support,Throughout the year50Countries with agency,Have the12A country...

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Contact information

    • Zhejiang Long Sheng group co., LTD

    • Address:Shangyu area the market town of shaoxing city in zhejiang province

    • The phone:0575-82042778、82042779

    • Fax:0575-82042878

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