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Shangyu cooling ventilation complete equipment co., LTD
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Company profile
Shangyu cooling ventilation complete equipment co., LTD-Introduction to the enterprise
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    Shangyu cooling ventilation fan manufacturing complete equipment co., LTD is located in the famous-Zhejiang shangyu,Company mainly specializing in the production of refrigeration and ventilation equipment processes in industry product quality performance and perfect after-sales service enjoy extensive reputation in the industry。Development up to now,My company take full advantage of enterprise talent、Technology、Process、Raw materials、The advantage of management etc,Through continuous study,Has successfully developed production ventilation cooling equipment dozens of series,Hundreds of models。Shangyu cooling ventilation complete equipment co., LTD as a production enterprise,Consistent faith“Science and technology is the first productive force”The theme of the eternal,Attaches great importance to product development and technology innovation。In the process of development in training a large number of product development and technical innovation talents,And with tertiary institute、Scientific research units work closely,Make the enterprise research and development of science and technology innovation ability was more powerful guarantee。The company produces...