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Chaohu city rhonda suye co., LTD is located in chaohu lake in hefei economic development zone in anhui province,Adjacent to the historical high speed,The environment is exquisite、The transportation is convenient。The company was founded in 1994Years,Commitment to a line of home appliance enterprises(Haier、Whirlpool、Gree jing hong、Royalstar、TCLAnd so on)Do the matching,Supply of injection molded parts、Blow molding parts、Bags and counter weight。 Nowadays,The development of chaohu rhonda is taking shape,Also accumulated a great reputation。The company was rated by customers for many times“Good supplier”,And in2015Years is evaluated“Specially in anhui province、Fine、Te、A new business、Anhui province high and new technology enterprise、Hefei innovative companies” “Service first-class enterprise,Be a first-class enterprise”Are we…...

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Chaohu city rhonda suye co., LTD

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