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          Cixi city yong lian electronics co., LTD,Was established2007Years,Is a leading manufacturer of integrated wiring,Is a“Integrated wiring、Wire and cable”For the main business of high-tech enterprises,Is located in the beautiful coastal city——Cixi。
          The company is the present domestic production、Sales of integrated wiring products、One of the wire and cable products in the integration of professional enterprise,The company has a perfect independent production ability,The stamping of existing automatic production、Injection molding、Embedded parts and assembly shop production line、Professional testing instruments。Products are mainly scores according to the cable、The plug-in、Three types of jump line,Widely used in data transmission、Cable television network、A wide area network、Local area network (LAN)、Remote monitoring、Intelligent building, etc。
          In order to better serve our customers,We not only set up offices all over the country,Also in the construction of distribution channels all over the world,In order to closer collaboration。
          The company is acted on“The customer is supreme,Quality first”The spirit of enterprise,In line with“In the glorious,People-oriented,Common development”The management idea,Has been committed to building international brand integrated wiring、Create the first brand of special signal cable,Efforts to research and development、Create a wide range of excellent quality products,To be a partner of the global customers,For the human、The progress of the society。
    Address:Cixi city, zhejiang province view triton industrial east small group pudong road21Number
    The phone:0574-63663786  
    The mailbox:taotao0160@sina.com
    Zip code:315300
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