Zhijiang city gold dipper sesame oil co., LTD
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     Hubei zhijiang city gold dipper sesame oil co., LTD,Was built in1975Years,Is specializing in the production of refined sesame oil companies in China.The dipper brand sesame oil experience37Years,Has won the hubei province quality product,Domestic trade reputation for quality goods,Hubei province famous brand exhibition gold award,Continuous8The consumer satisfaction in hubei province cup gold medal,Customer satisfaction products.
    Seven star quality sesame sesame oil selection of jianghan plain as raw material,The traditional refined(Water generation method)Refined oil production. Not through high temperature and high pressure,Keep the trace element of sesame,Rich in vitaminsE,Amino acids,Linoleic acid,Calcium,Iron,Zinc, etc.The fragrance is pure,Delicate MianHe,Without the smell of burnt food,Peculiar smell.Smell is different from the mechanical press sesame oil.30The physical purification process,Does not contain essence,Pigment and other food additives.
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