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ITSSliding contact line · Quality comparable to Japan panasonicrival

  • Security

    ITSSliding contact lineContinuous joint,According to the size of the cuttingNo electricity spark hidden dangers

  • Security
    Stable performance

    Independently of the stationary power supply system、Signal transmission system,RunStable and reliable

  • High conductivity
    High conductivity

    USES the import level of oxygen-free copper,Do not contain impuritiesSave energy consumption of conductivity is up to99.99%

  • High and low temperature resistance
    High and low temperature resistance

    Resistant toThe high temperature75℃,Low resistance The temperature below zero20℃
    Can be used in harsh environments to normal

  • High wear resistance
    High wear resistance

    Set brush with Japanese materials,The wear test at a high speedCan be up to speed300M/Points

  • Resistance to weathering long service life
    Resistance to weathering long service life

    Plastic using the original grain in South Asia,Good weathering resistance,
    Long service life15Years

Taiwan sticks to the bridgeITS · Focus on high quality sliding contact linehigh quality

  • Native to TaiwanQuality guaranteed

    The bridge clubITSSliding contact line is Taiwan factory production,
    13Years of experience in focus production seamless sliding contact line,
    To go throughCE、ISO90001Such as multiple quality
    Management system certification

  • Independent manufacturersFlexible customization

    Taiwan sticks to the bridgeITSProduction base5000㎡,
    The introduction of many sets of imported Italian production equipment,
    Flexible diversified customized seamless,
    The length of the sliding contact line size

  • The variety is completeCash reserves

    ITSSeamless sliding contact line specifications varieties complete,
    In China,Have sufficient cash reserves,
    Taiwan original,Priced direct,
    More cost-effective

  • On-site guidanceCan be a lifelong maintenance

    Bridge with sticks to engineer7The technical team,
    Provide installation instructions for you、On-site training,
    ITSSliding contact line is a guarantee of a year,
    Commitment to product tracking service for life

Hear fromITSSliding contact line user evaluationEvaluation

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    The Formosa plastics group purchasing department The manager Li mou someMalaysia customer,Is it outITSSliding contact line is the original product quality in TaiwanTo check the case
  • The bridge clubITSSliding contact line very strong anti-jamming capability!The bridge clubITSSliding contact line very strong anti-jamming capability!

    This is a great pleasure to visit kunshan bridge machinery factory sticks,Thank you du general hospitality,Before has always been on the network communication with them,Through the communication in the virtual world,Can't really feeling...

    Immortal huitong project department The manager Wang mou oneThe bridge clubITSSliding contact line very strong anti-jamming capability!To check the case

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Bridge mechanical sticks to tell you how to choose good contact line

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Sliding contact line maintenance
Sliding contact line maintenance

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On the bridge club

Sticks to kunshan bridge machinery co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of Taiwan bridge machinery co., LTD sticks to set sales,Domestic trade and foreign trade in a body's warehouse sticks to sell brand sales of the company's main bridge“ITS”Brand continuously without electric rail joint security(Sliding contact line),ITSImported brand chain electric hoist,Taiwan original st motor,Cantilever crane,Widely used in mobile power supply of the equipment,Such as:Automatic production line,Logistics conveyor,Stacker,Lu: xingcai equipment,Automated library,The rotation of the playground or......