Jingzhou city and when suye co., LTD. Is located in the hometown of the famous four waterproof one of jingzhou city, hubei province,The company was founded in2009Years,The registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Is a service in waterproofing materials manufacturers,Set research and development、Production、The sale is—The body of the technology-based companies such plastic film,The company advanced technology、Strong、Years of production and marketing of all kinds of waterproof membrane5000Tons.

Company headquarters is located in jingzhou city railway station green inscription and financial center,With research and development、Production、Strong cross membrane、PETComposite membrane、Gb aluminum plating film and various composite powerful membrane is given priority to with the factory and all kinds of separation membrane、PEMembrane mainly into the factory.Basic bundle of products cover all kinds of waterproof coiled material all the film。The company has established a dragon type modern...

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We are the raw materials suppliers
 The waterproof material
The waterproof material
Waterproof coiled material is mainly applied to all kinds of waterproofing materials for example:High-grade adhesive waterproofing materials、SBSWaterproofing materials such as waterproofing materials
Packing materials
Packing materials
Packaging material、The infants torn packaging(MediCRREO)、Explosive packaging、Chemical packing、The burglar blister packaging(BlisterGuard)、Export transport packaging、Building waterproof materials、Moistureproof drum bagging、Rust metal packaging bags and so on
Industrial packaging
Industrial packaging
Industrial packaging、Export products packaging、A crate、Military packaging、The anti-corrosion packaging、Airlines and electrode packing materials
Printed materials
Printed materials
Printed materials、Aviation tags、Zip tags、Billboards and signs、Automobile airbag labels、RFIDLabel materials、Film label、Wrist band and so on


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The new national standardThe new technology
PowerfulResearch and development strength
The first-classAfter-sales service

01Take the lead in put out4Times stretching0.08mmStrong cross membrane

0.08mmThick strong cross membrane at the same time meet the new gbE、HClass standard。

The thinner film coil iron boxes and tight,At the same time its hard power is smaller,So in the construction process of irregular plane and the corner

In combination with more easily,And for a long time is not easy to fall off。Price advantage,On the premise of quality assurance,Each square even save0.1-0.2Yuan

Is a big advantage,0.08mmCross membrane it can help you do that。

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