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Puyang city Ann which fire electronic technology co., LTD is an enterprise mainly in all kinds of fire fighting equipment products,Mainly engaged in all kinds of fire equipment maintenance,Fire hose,Interface,Water gun,Indoor and outdoor fire hydrant,Fire hydrant boxes,3MLabor insurance supplies,Oil pipe fittings,Fire grooved pipe fittings,Wire over a,Fire grooved valves,The water valve,Net bottle brand portable stored-pressure typeABCDry powder fire extinguishers series(MFZ1、MFZ2、MFZ4、MFZ8)Net bottle card cart storage pressureABC(MFT35、MFTZ50、MFTZ70),Co2 fire extinguisher,Type water-based fire extinguishers,Hanging fire extinguishers,Puyang city actual fire electronic technology co., LTD., adhering to the Ann“The good faith、Professional、Win-win situation”The management idea,Adhere to customer first、Quality first、High quality and low price,With science and technology service customers,Adhere to technological progress,Constant innovation,Continuously exceed,Your satisfaction is our pursuit!Welcome the masses of enterprises,Users and consumers and contact us,We will be in line with the best products,To provide users with the best service for the purpose,Serve you wholeheartedly!

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Home fire equipment you have at home?

With the improvement of living level of modernization,The variety of household appliances is increasing,Penetration rate is increasingly high,The use of natural gas is increasingly popular,All of these increase the family fire hazards。If you want to adopt...

Understand the common fire itself,Learn how to use a simple fire equipment

​In the family now attaches great importance to the fire that oh,Some of the home will have their own purchase fire equipment,But where is often put a lot of fire equipment,Caused more and more people will not use the fire equipment,So we puyang fire company here today to share some simple method for the use of fire equipment,Available for everyone in the later can more skilled use of the use of process equipment。【For details】


You need to escape encountered in the hotel fire

Because people prefer traveling now,Due to the problem is more and more time to stay in a hotel,Everyone knows hotel are personnel are more densely populated,Quilt etc. Flammable items or more,So once the hotel fire problem is quite serious。【For details】


Subway fire escape you need to know in advance of the dry powder fire extinguishers

There are a lot of people know fire extinguishers,But more and more people don't know is how to use dry chemical fire extinguisher,Proper use of dry powder fire extinguisher points that we still need to master。Especially in the subway,We all know that the underground in particular during the rush hour,Traffic was still fairly high,This if if around a fire【For details】


Family fire you the first time to do this

Because the weather is still hot,Many large household appliances at that time all at the same time open,There are a lot of house and electric line have been aging a lot,So the phenomenon of fire or more...


Puyang Ann which fire call your family should be regular fire equipment

Fire and water,Most of the families are prepared to protection caused huge losses。Ann which fire remind you family essential fire equipment。【For details】


The essential thing in life is to the fire escape

Whether we are now burning hot summer or winter,Are all fire season,Everyone knows and ruthless,In most of the cause of the fire cause of death is due to that, because of the fire smoke。When we are in a tall office building,Is expected at the top of the how to escape become the focus problem in the hotel。【For details】


Strict controls of the dormitory fire you need to remember these

​Due to the boarding students now or more,So we say today puyang fire company to dormitory not only refers to the students' dormitory,To our staff dormitory now、Or is the dormitory of pile goods ah personnel more populated places,It's easy to neglect the place where we are、Paralysis,In the event of a fire,Will be caused great threat to life and property。【For details】

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