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How much you know about the dryer?

  • 01Introduction to the dryer

    The dryer is a kind of using coal、Fuels such as natural gas to dry all kinds of mineral processing equipment,Especially for coal slurry、Slag、Sand、Clay、Gypsum, etc,The drying effect is good,So when choosing the dryer must conform to adjust measures to local conditions、The safety of the heat source、Whether accord with environmental protection、After drying material and material drying quality requirements and so on comprehensive consideration。

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  • 02The operation principle of the dryer

    The dryer principle is very simple,By feeding device into the rotary drum of lining material,Downstream drying,Continuous copying material layer, copy board,A spiral rolling scattered heat exchange,Move to the other side of the lining material into the middle,Counterflow drying,In the middle are constantly repeated Yang into the material,The marching into two steps forward and one back,The material in the middle is fully absorb the heat coming from the inner cylinder,Middle roller heat again,At the same time and prolong the drying time,Material in the dry state。

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Inner Mongolia lignite drying production line

Customer feedback:Henan hongxing machine design dryer production line process simple for us、Running smoothly,And the overall equipment operation is normal,For we created more than expected economic benefits...

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