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XiaoLiPingSuperMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1987.08Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Yichang of hubei province

Customer evaluation:I have a lively and cheerful side there is a gentle virtuous。Although I am young I am serious and responsible work attitude sincere enthusiasm,Self-starter secretary and careful。To the baby and mom have a high sense of responsibility,Love,Be patient。Hope in the later days
Jun-ying Yang

Jun-ying YangThe gold medalMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1975.03Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Yichang of hubei province

Customer evaluation:Serious and responsible work,Enthusiasm initiative,Has the compassion and patience,Hard working,Good conduct.

WuYuanXiaThe gold medalMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1980.06Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Hubei province public security

Customer evaluation:Serious and responsible work,Have good professional ethics,Sincere,Enthusiasm,Kind,Good at communication with people,Work actively,Adhering to the company life with an open mind,Sweet things,The idea for anything with love ,Improving professional skills,With love,Careful,Patience

HuoHuiThe gold medalMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1983.6Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Ezhou of hubei province

Customer evaluation:Engaged in the month before putting in the kindergarten teachers,High-end household nursery teacher,Now engaged in the month sister-in-law has for several years,My image is pure and fresh and strong affinity,Is sincere,The baby has the compassion,Patience and sense of responsibility
Chen Yinlan

Chen YinlanA seniorMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1972.12Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Hubei YingCheng

Customer evaluation:Mild nature,Optimistic,Are kind,Loyalty,To do things very attentively,Has the compassion patience responsibility,Good state of mind regardless of his,Can bear hardships and stand hard work。
Yao Chang will

Yao Chang willDiamondMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1970.09Ethnic groups:Tujia nationality

Health status:GoodNative place:Yichang of hubei province

Customer evaluation:Serious and responsible work,Have good professional ethics,Sincere enthusiasm,Goodness,A strong sense of responsibility,Self-starter,Can be very good to communicate with people,But I don't like to repeat one thing。Have a professional service skills,Have the high sense of responsibility to the baby and mom treasure and resistance
Ai-ying wang

Ai-ying wangDiamondMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1971.08Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Jingzhou city, hubei province

Customer evaluation:Serious and responsible work,Enthusiasm initiative,Have the high sense of responsibility to treasure mother baby、Love、Patient and careful。
Peng Xian cui

Peng Xian cuiDiamondMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1975.08Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Yichang of hubei province

Customer evaluation:Serious and responsible work,Sincere enthusiasm,Conscientiously initiative、Office secretary,High efficiency。Have a professional service skills,The mother and baby have a high sense of responsibility、Love、Be patient。I work hard、Seriously、Steadfast,Willing to endure hardship,Hardships and stand hard work,A sense of responsibility,With treasure
Chen Xiaoniu

Chen XiaoniuThe gold medalMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1974.04Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Henan luoyang

Customer evaluation:Can the baby when their children,The mothers when their loved ones,Let the family trust
Jiang Qin

Jiang QinThe nursery teacherMonth sister-in-law

Date of birth:1976.8Ethnic groups:Han

Health status:GoodNative place:Hubei province caidian

Customer evaluation:I have serious and responsible work,Does not fear endures hardship,Afraid tired,Like a baby,For baby care carefully、Be patient,Loving care。Like to learn,Have the desire to do better。

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Her honour enjoy five-star service!

Seven service guarantee

Her screening yan peers

360°Preliminary assessment,163A professional assessment standards,Graduation elimination rate as high as40%

Training standards beyond the national standard

Specialization、Standardization、Professional,Omnibearing lamination on her level of ascension

The whole service quality control

Industry unique to digital management system,According to the different data,To develop personality exclusive service

Give special service insurance

Famous insurance company custom family services,Her employer and double insurance,Lili

Free replacement

Not satisfied with the service process,Her free to replace the same level

Expert team

Equipped with a well-known expert teacher、Professional maternal and infant advisers strong team,The escort for you at any time

7x24Hours of VIP special line

Professional customer service on standby,2Rapid response for you troubleshoot within hours

Warm Health Sweet The initiative Love

Baby happy

60000A mother choiceBaby happy


60000 mothers choose the huician maternity matron service

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“The laborer”Her cup of skills contest organizationHubei television station particularly recommended brandExcellent organizational unit star mother-to-child orderly competitionFamily services association member unitsFamily service industry associationNational services advanced unitHer training institutions

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Baby happy headquartersAddress:Hankou jianghan district wu east roadSOGOBuildingASeat2302
Business consulting: 18186206893   Training consultancy: 18186136636
Hong Kong road flagship storeAddress:Hankou road in Hong Kong153Grain number garden street childrenBBuilding1Floor11Room(The children's hospital is convenient across the city next to the hotel)
Maternal and child care hotline: 15071234161
Hankou postpartum recovery centerAddress:Hankou jianghan district wu east roadSOGOBuildingASeat2301
Postpartum recovery hotline: 18186206893
Wuchang postpartum recovery centerAddress:Wuchang district xudong original time friendship road east street2Floor204—207
Postpartum recovery hotline: 18171456893

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