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Tongling nonferrous xing copper machinery manufacturing co., LTD is located in tongling economic and technological development zone in anhui province huangshan mountain road198Number,Cover an area of an area20m,Plant area12000Square meters。The company is specialized in pneumatic hydraulic system design and production、All kinds of non-ferrous metal mould、The cooling equipment of all kinds of metal smelting、Design and manufacture of mechanical equipment(The installation)、Non-standard equipment research and development design and production、Mining and smelting equipment and processing、Mechanical and electronic products accessories、Belt machine and spare parts production、Forging press、Stamping、The casting、Hardware mold design and production of the production scale of enterprises。

In the company2012Enterprise was named new qualification of enterprises above designated size in anhui province,The same year and gain“Annual enterprise business leaders”The title of honor。2012Years11By the monthGB/T19001-2008 idtQuality management system(QMS)System certification。2013Years4As small and mid-sized enterprise in anhui province,2013Years6The hope project in tongling city in anhui province small and medium-sized enterprises (smes)“Little giant”Enterprise(G058Number),2013Years7In obtains the title of national high-tech enterprise。2014Years5The month award“Credit enterprise”The title of honor。Deadline2015Years3Companies have achieved national patent for utility model34Items,Invention patent3Items,The utility model is being dealt with authorization20Items,A patent for invention into the stage of substantial examination16Items。2015Years3Credit rating is rated in anhui anhui merchants bank system“A”Grade credit units。2015Years3The month award2013-2014The title of tongling city credible unit contract。2015Years5In tongling city of small and medium-sized enterprise credit evaluation center awarded the honorary title of two-star credit enterprise。2015Years6The hope project in tongling city in anhui province small and medium-sized enterprises (smes)“Small into the gauge”Enterprise(G040Number)。2015Years11By icas quality management system in system(CAS)Certification。2016Years5Month in foreign trade business for the record registration and independent rights to import and export business,Chinese customs registration and registration certificate。2015Years5And the month2016Years5In tongling city won consecutive annual review of labor securityAThe title of level。2016Years10In obtains the title of national high-tech enterprise,2016Years10In tongling city of small and medium-sized enterprise credit evaluation center awarded the honorary title of star class credit enterprise。2016Years12Tongling city in May“Specialization is new”Small and medium-sized enterprises。

Through 30 years effort,The factory has developed into a certain scale,Strong technical force,Have a professional production of knowledge and rich practical experience of technical backbone team,With perfect management system,The complete quality testing technology,Nondestructive testing and other advanced detection equipment,Strict and scientific management system。Become a large maohan production and large processing capacity and complete sets of assembly capacity of comprehensive machinery manufacturing enterprises。The company firmly implement“Quality first,Customer satisfaction,Actively explore,Abide by the credibility,Reasonable price and quick after-sale”For the purpose。The company can also according to customer requirements,Provide engineering design、Mechanical design and manufacturing、Installation and debugging, and personnel training services,Solve the user's worries。

The company has gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine、Large lathe、Large milling machine、Boring machine、Drilling machine、Planer、Slotting machine、Grinding machine、Press、Plate bending rolls、Shearing machine、Vertical lathe、Roll teeth、Planer、Forging equipment、Plasma cutting machine、Gas shielded welding、Argon arc welding、Wire cutting and CNC machining center and other advanced equipment。

In recent years,My company is in line with quality first、The user supreme good faith service,The price is reasonable,Timely delivery,After-sale tracking sales principles and policies,To win the majority of customers support and trust。

The following is my company's long-term cooperation services unit:(1)Anhui conch cement group co., LTD., one of the non-standard equipment manufacturers;(2)Anhui tongling conch cement co., LTD., one of the designated factory equipment mechanical parts and maintenance;(3)Kingway copper company, equipment procurement and processing of fixed-point manufacturers;(4)Tongling nonferrous group holding company equipment production and processing one of the fixed base;(5)1990For nonferrous company since 17th mines、Six big smelters mining smelting equipment production of one of the important bases;(6) Tongling nonferrous metal group holdings, rare metals project engineering one of non-standard equipment manufacturers。(7)China and Japan combined gas of the copper company funds(Fluid)Pressure cylinder suppliers,Equipment designated maintenance processing together;(8) Annual output120Ten thousand tons of sulfuric acid(TongGuan smelting company)Equipment manufacturing and supporting machinery manufacturers。

The company key performance recently:(1)2014Years6On successful expansion in the renovation project for jinlong company design and manufacture of scraping machine box body up and down three sets and other projects。(2)2014Years7Month for jinlong metal anode casting machine company designed and manufactured a small positive plate extraction machine,And the successful completion of the delivery of the contract。(3)2014Years8Kingway copper company for hot rolling mill cutting head cut part of technical communication and transformation,Successful delivery and test success。(4)2014Years9Month for TongGuan smelting company sulfuric acid factorySO2And imports and exportsSO3Demolition and import and export of equipment installation works,According to the requirements of buyer's technical quality and eight days upon successful completion of delivery of the contract the task ahead of time。(5)2015Years1Kingway copper brass grate for smoke flue in the reconstruction project,Successfully manufacture installation and finish the contract task ahead of time。(6)2015Years2Month for tongling nonferrous rare metals branch design dole alloy disc casting machine, casting machine engineering and silver dollar,Design and manufacture and installation,Debugging success,By foreign inspection rated as qualified products。(7)2015Years4Month for anhui jin mining companies design and manufacture2FG-24Classifier2Taiwan,Quantity and production and inspection on time。(8)2012Years4Month--2016Years5Kingway copper company for mould design and manufacture of brass furnace、Copper furnace with mold,The continuous deep cavity mould,C19400Crystallizer、Oxygen-free copper furnaceSMSCrystallizer、Split type crystallizer alloy furnace、192Monolithic Gao Qiang crystallizer such as all kinds of mold products,Produce various specifications of qualified ingot casting,Has been completely can replace Germany imported mould and Rome,Provide reliable technical support for localization of equipment modification and manufacturing experience,To strengthen the rise of national industry to make due contributions。

This company produces the mining metallurgical equipment products are exported to shenyang heavy equipment company,And become long-term cooperation form a complete set of equipment suppliers。Production of the cylinder、Oil cylinder、Positioning cylinder etc. Products are sold to jiangxi province、Changzhou、Wuxi、Shanghai and other provinces and regions。

Our company would like to provide the high quality service,The most preferential price,For your company to provide mechanical equipment design and manufacturing equipment spare parts processing tasks,To make our due contribution to the growth of your company and service。

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