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Showers, deputy director of state administration for industry and commerce and the company's total
A researcher at the academy、Potato industry
The ground    The address:Hunan shaoyang city treasure their science and technology park road Zhao Jiachong god of wealth
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The total By the Richard:Gui-xiang Yang 15007491558
Willow of shaoyang, shaoyang hand fruit vegetable institute and gen agrochemical co., LTD,Of the ministry of agriculture fixed point,Collection of scientific research、Development、Production in a body of water soluble fertilizer production enterprises。Company technical force is abundant,Advanced production technology,With the leading domestic automatic assembly line and perfect quality management system。Company general manager senior agronomist LiuFuYan1985Graduated from hunan agricultural university, department of horticulture fruit trees,In plant nutrition、Fruit and vegetable cultivation and storage and processing areas such as research,Published more than 10 papers,Science and technology progress prize three provinces and cities,The author of《Fruit and vegetable storage and processing500Method》Monographs,Is hunan province agriculture series high-level title evaluation experts,Shaoyang spark science and technology12396Experts。Company long-term with many domestic universities and research institutions to form strategic alliance,And get the national modern agriculture industry technology system of rice、The potato、Peanuts、Citrus、Vegetables such as post technical guidance of scientists,Committed to new product research and development。Since the company2000Years since its founding,Has successfully developed a large number of elements、In the volume element、Trace elements、Amino acids、Water soluble humic acid fertilizer and citrus antistaling agent six big series100Multiple varieties。Technical indicators“ISO9001:2000National standard quality certification”Standard,In the international leading level,All products have been national ministry of agriculture?To remember,Part of products obtained national patent。More than 20 provinces and cities in the country to establish a sales network,Products are very popular with farmers
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