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  • LatheWM210V-G


    High precision Export latheWM210V-GDon't need to adjust the belt,Arbitrarily high switching low gear

  • LatheWM210V-G


    LatheWM210V-GHigh speed Efficient High precision

  • Beads machine(ModelsWM210V-F)

    Beads machine(ModelsWM210V-F)

    Beads machine(ModelsWM210V-F)

  • High power Industrial latheCJM250

    High power Industrial latheCJM250

    The largest workpiece rotary bed body diameter:250mmThe largest workpiece length:500mmDragging plate in the largest workpiece turning diameter:100mmThe spindle hole diameter:26mmThe spindle taper hole :MT4The spindle speed series:12The spindle speed range :80~1600r/minRest maximum horizontal stroke:130mmSmall head maximum longitudinal travel:60mmProcessing metric thread species:15Processing inch thread species:9Processing metric thread pitch range:

  • High power industrial latheCJM280

    High power industrial latheCJM280

    High power industrial latheCJM280Don't need to replace the wheels,The feeding speed can be realized and common pitch selection!

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Customer case:****Group case

Introduction to the case:Customized CNC lathe

The details of case:****Recently found in production process of numerical control lathe has consumed too much before,Time-consuming and artificial,But the efficiency is not high,Through a friend recommended found wei shun,After further understanding,A client communication the overall demand,After understanding the needs of customers,A detailed investigation,And for the reasonable design,To solve customer's problems,Realize the long-term win-win cooperation。

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Factory direct sale,The cost is low,Primary source

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In the serviceThousands of companies around the world,Products are exported to Europe and the United States

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Independent research and developmentMachinery and small type machine tool machine tool numerical control system

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Quality assurance for a year,Provide technical support for free

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Industry news

The NetherlandsHBMCompany to our factory to discuss further cooperation?

2015Years4Month30In the NetherlandsHBMCompany to our factory to discuss further cooperation .To do a detailed visit our factory。The production process of our proposed……

Common problems
  • Company performance excellence management project start meeting

    Company performance excellence management project start meeting

    2019.5.15In the morning10:30Company performance excellence management project start meeting,Attendees have electronic five xu-bo li, director of the、Zheng Yu Monsieur beaucaire teacher、Gao Ze yuan-guo liu teachers and teachers,Shareholders of our province high pitch Ding Lifang and Shi Jiancheng manager,Jiu hua everlast executive director zhu lei,Company Shang Liang dong

  • How to better maintenance of CNC machine tools?

    In order to maintain the normal operation of the CNC lathe and use fixed number of year,Effective prevention and reduction of lathe all kinds of faults,To do a good job of lubrication and maintenance of CNC lathe is one of the essential work。Level 1 maintenance when CNC lathe operation of numerical control lathe500Hours later,Need to level 1 maintenance,The cleaning、Lubrication and into

  • What are common nc machine tools?

    Numerical control lathe processing precision is high,Has the stable machining quality,Can processing complicated shape parts,Widely used in hardware、Machinery、Automotive and other industries,Let's look at the classification of the common machine tool。1、Ordinary machine tools:Including ordinary lathe、Drilling machine、Boring machine、Milling machine、Plane slotting machine, etc。2、Precision machine tools:

  • Numerical control machine tool how to carry out commissioning?

    1、CNC machine tool geometric accuracy after inspection,Need to clean up the whole machine。With immersion cleaning of cotton or silk,Shall not use cotton or gauze。Washing machine factory to protect the guideway and the machined surface and tu rust-proof oil or antirust paint。Clean the dust on the surface of the machine tool appearance,In each of the sliding surface and working surface are coated with

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The credibility of development,Service to see the truth

       From2008Up to now,Chizhou wei shun has past ten years,Ten years of trials and hardships,Ten years of gains,Is every wei shun with effort。
       In today《Made in China2025》Driven,In the machinery industry vigorous development,Condensing wei shun people burning passion、The wisdom of the industrious sweat and innovation。The company of BMSC“Quality first、The good faith management、Win-win cooperation”The enterprise concept,Based on now,Focus on the future。
       We always insist on“Originality”Foundry industry spirit,Do the product with your heart,Strive for perfection。The skills of chizhou wei shun individuals tireless spirit of innovation to open our new journey。To meet with the brilliance of the sun,We've been on the way forward。The independent innovation、Introducing innovation model,Reasonable use of social resources,Take the market as the guidance,Meet the needs of customers。In line with honesty、Keep your words、Mutual benefit、A win-win objective,The sustainable development of make unremitting efforts for the company。
       We often cherish gratitude,Because of the friend's support and love from all over the world,We did not have today's achievement and confidence,Forward steps will therefore more walk more solid、More walk more powerful。Sincerely thank the friends all over the world,And sincerely look forward to more and more people give ChiZhouHui the concern and support, as always。
       ChiZhouHui not only is your reliable partner,More trustworthy friends。

The NetherlandsHUVEMAThe companyAlexAnd his wifeMaryCome to our factory to negotiateCNC210CNC machine cooperation

2015Years1Month16Day of chizhou municipal party committee organization department and guiding our party construction

Chizhou is association leadership to visit our factory

Mark the companyCEO GregA line to visit my company,To discuss with my company cooperation

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