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    The company was founded in1958Years,Restructuring in1998Years,The company is located in has a long history and culture;Guttural thoroughfare the history of the regional industrial powerhouse:Xuzhou city, jiangsu province。

    In xuzhou beyond environmental technology co., LTD2016Years to form,Companies with ecology、Environmental protection projects、Food machinery equipment for the main business projects;To undertake all kinds of industrial waste gas、Purification of waste water treatment projects,In the most advanced processing technology and technology for our one sky is clean to do our best。

    The company is divided into projects、Ministry of information industryAnd processing department

    Project department:We have a professional design team and experienced external construction team。To undertake all kinds of industrial waste gas(Spray、Adsorption、Frozen、Cooling、The desulfurization、Out of stock,Biological deodorization,Low temperature plasma industrial cleaner, etc)Industrial waste gas waste water treatment、Waste water(Small integrated wastewater treatment equipment,Tian word purification tank,Gas purification pool,PHValue of automatic processing equipment, etc)The purification treatment of project;

    Products division:The main development and production of the most advanced,Has the independent design(Patented technology)All kinds of green food machinery(Family popcorn machine,Mini and business barbecue food machinery and so on)。Low temperature plasma kitchen lampblack purifier(Addition,Family miniature);Low temperature plasma industrial cleaner。The design of the products mainly to the economy、Environmental protection、Altruism as the main idea。

    Processing units:Environmental protection automatic precision forging processing equipment。Use the green super audio frequency heating equipment,Automatic feeding system,Automatic feeding system,Automatic test system,Various types of friction screw press。The economy,Environmental protection,No waste liquid waste;The new idea pressure forming,A number of design and practical patent。

    We respectSteadfast、Struggle、ResponsibilityThe spirit of enterprise,And by the good faith、Win-win situation、Create a business philosophy,Create a good working environment,With new management mode,Perfect technology,Considerate service,Excellent quality for survival,We always adhere to customer firstAttentively service to customers,Stick with their own service to impress customers。Honestly、The letter、Win-win is the foundation of our cooperation;Thank you for your attention!

Company is mainly engaged in Environmental protection,Industrial waste gas waste water treatment,Waste gas treatment,Water treatment,Plasma industrial waste gas purifier,The kitchen lampblack purifier,Small food machinery and equipment wholesale,Cotton candy machine,The deep fryer,The popcorn machine,Grilled chicken furnace,Pancake fruit machine,Burn oven,Fried ice machine,Environmentally friendly hot forming(Precision forging)     To learn more

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