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 At the beginning of this product is a green tea machinery,Mainly used in high-grade plastic famous tea,The homework,Wide range of application。
  This product is mainly used in high-grade tea plastic,The homework,Wide range of application。
  6CD-150ATea screening machine product is suitable for all kinds of high-grade tea dry tea screening classification work,Tea can be divided into four different levels。
  6CTY-35Tea hoisting machine is suitable for the conveying of various kinds of high-grade famous tea,Improve operations,Is indispensable to tea in machine tool。
  6CLZ8-H3Combined the tea machine
  6CCG-63Filming for the tea dry frying machine products are tea machine or Fried tea machine,Used in a variety of famous tea editing work,Especially the taiping monkey chief filming for the tea。
  Famous tea dryer is suitable for all kinds of high-grade tea dry homework,Is one of essential tools in tea dry homework。
  6CLZ-80-12D At the beginning of manager and a machine for tea green tea making machinery,Mainly used in high-grade plastic famous tea.The homework.Using a wide range。Huangshan maofeng tea can be made up.Huang Huayun pointed.Taiping monkey chief.Luan GuaPian.Anji white tea famous tea, etc。
  80Filming machine products are suitable for the famous quality in the production of high-grade tea filming for the continuous operation,Filming for the heating time adjustable temperature,Long life electric heating tube。
  This product is filming for the tea machine or Fried tea machine,Suitable for all kinds of famous tea editing work。
  GNZType of straw mushroom bagging machine
  GMFThe wood crusher
  Chinese chestnut sheller
  CMC-40-50Multi-function fry dry machine
  CR25-30-35Type series rolling machine
  6CD-60-200AFresh leaves of the classifier is suitable for all kinds of high-grade tea fresh leaf screening classification work,Fresh leaves can be divided into three levels of various sizes。
  6CLZ-6At the beginning of manager and a machine for tea green tea making machinery,Mainly used in high-grade plastic famous tea,The homework,Using a wide range。

  My company is located in the beautiful scenery of the crocodile lake,Adjacent to the318National highway and xuancheng economic development zone,The transportation is convenient。The factory area6000Square meters,With the current domestic advanced production technology and equipment,Specializing in the production of excellent tea machinery,Edible fungus machinery,Wood processing machinery and so on several major categories of dozens of varieties,2004The annual was disappear assist in anhui province、《Jianghuai times》、Rated3.15To promote products,2007Annual XuanHua successful products included in the promotion of agricultural machinery directory in anhui province and anhui province agricultural machinery subsidies directory。
   Enterprise on the scale,The road of development。At present,Products have been sold to yunnan、Guizhou、In hunan province、Hubei、Henan、In jiangxi province、Fujian、Zhejiang and other provinces。And occupy important position in the market in the province。Create first-class products,The tree“XuanHua”Brand。Strictly control the product quality,Set up a scientific and complete quality management system and after-sales service system,Sound marketing network and perfect products。……
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