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  • Gold station network
The early hunan logistics cooperation customers
Xianglin Cooperation Customer
High-quality service Is well-established
XiangLin Quality Service Reputation
Dongguan to hunan special line
Dongguan to hubei special line
Dongguan to line across the country
And annoyance???By dragging the feeling is there
Less freight logistics resources channels,Unable to meet the demand
Repeated replacement of logistics?
Logistics service does not reach the designated position,
All kinds of problemsFrequent occurrence,Annoyance!!!
Service fee is not clear,Be pit!
The goods,Send the goodsNot in time
Resulting in a decline in customer confidence!
The goods areLoss or damage
Not only property damage may also lose customers!
No will follow up,Slow information feedback!
The special lineCost savings for you

National green for you to save costs

  • We now have all kinds of vehicles:17.5M、13M、9.6M、7.6M、 4.2M。Flat car、Semi-trailer、Box car,May at any time according to the rowThe door take delivery
  • The main focusDongguan to hunan、Dongguan to hubei special lineLogistics,Coverage,The price is excellent,For youTo save time、Reduce the cost
Brand of logisticsThe goods arrived safely and quickly


  • Hunan lujie logistics using advanced transportation and warehouse management system,Greatly sped up the goodsPut in storage、Sorting、ClassificationSpeed,Can be provided for youMore quickly、The more accurate and more cheapThe logistics distribution service。
  • Simplify the order process,Let you faster delivery of goods,Save the time of shipment 。
Professional teamIs the escort items


  • The early hunan logistics,1Car2Super5Years driving experienceEscort as well as the truck performance and maintenance Strict standards,Stabilize the demand quickly,Refused to fatigue driving、Drive failure,To ensure transportation safety;
  • Hunan lujie logistics professional services organizations,Adhering to the"As they always do,Cherish the"The management idea,For many enterprises to successProvide one-stop service
Intimate after-salesGive you a comfortable experience

Intimate after-sale to your comfortable experience

  • We offer the experienceCommissioner of one to oneTo intimate service for you,Allows you to experienceEfficient fastService process;
  • 7×24A quick responseMechanism,Through the phone、A variety of ways, such as online customer service contact with your customer service,Save a lot of problems for you at any time;
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Evaluation of major companies Xiang Lin
The early into hunan logistics
About Xiang Lin
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Dongguan xiang lujie logistics co., LTD
Dongguan xiang lujie logistics co., LTD. The main road transport of goods、Warehousing services, etc。The company Adhering to the“As they always do,Cherish the”The management idea,Stick to it“Customer first”The principle for the general customers to provide quality services。Welcome to patronize!
The company now across from dongguan to changsha and hunan、Dongguan to wuhan and hubei throughout、Dongguan to the freight forwarder;Adopted17.5M flat trailer25Taiwan,In the speed of transport is also solved to some large equipment、Equipment, the difficulty of special cargo transportation。
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Country's postal service to industry consolidation
Country's postal service to industry consolidation

Given the current the order the domestic express industry,Country's postal service to industry consolidation。DHL、FedExInternational express giants such as express delivery market in China has been arrested development。FedExWebsite shows its delivery city has covered more than the information publicly by the country's postal service displayed on the operating permit areas,Many people doubtFedExMay involve beyond business...

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