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Guizhou anshun; new materials co., LTD., has been committed to the production and promotion of green building wall products,Learn advanced technology and ideas,Adhering to the”Led wall materials development,Advocate green life”The idea of,Facing the new wall materials construction unit and project promotion using autoclaved aerated concrete plate(ALC)Products。

Yu new material development in the field of aerated concrete steps never stops,2011Since set up in this through5And a half years of effort,We implemented the continuous expansion of production and output rising steadily:

1、Article 1“Annual output35Cubic aerated concrete block and produce1.2One hundred million pieces of autoclaved fly ash brick”The production line,Anshun centered radiation surrounding areas,Depending on the quality、Service、Success with larger market share。

2、2014In the expansion of the capacity,Investment1600Ten thousand yuan will be increased four autoclaved fly ash brick production line,Capacity increase6000Ten thousand pieces,To achieve1.8One hundred million pieces。

3、2018In company after preliminary investigation research on prefabricated building board production line,Investment2800Ten thousand yuan,The construction of produce20Cubic aerated concrete plate(ALC)The project。

4、By the end of2018Years2Month; the new material with a total investment of more than1.3Hundred million,2012Years5Month to formally put into production2017Years12At the end of five and a half years,The company to create value6Hundred million。

2014Years8Month,Take the lead in yu group at home8Subsidiaries in becoming the new three board listed companies,At the same time anshun city first landing new three board production-oriented enterprises,证券简称:Yu new materials,The stock code:831044。Production of new wall materials,Includes category:All kinds of aerated concrete wall panelALC、All kinds of aerated concrete blockAAC、All kinds of sand autoclaved bricks、All kinds of sand。



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Companies rely on the quality of the product、Its technical strength、Raw material and geographical advantages,Through directly to the customer to provide all kinds of high quality wall materials of non-standard products,Eventually help customers create value

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The company has large complete sets of modern production equipment and professional and technical personnel,ChanChang production in guizhou province is the largest、Most energy production enterprises。

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Successively with domestic famous universities and research institutes to carry out a wide range of technical exchanges and cooperation,实现了产学研合作的可持续发展