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    Hengyang poly auspicious xin metal products co., LTD is located in hengyang city to the south40Km of xiangjiang river--Changning county ShuiKouShan town,The town is through beijing-zhuhai、Value date of highway,Connection with beijing-guangzhou railway107National highway。1922Years,By MAO zedong、Jiang Xianyun et ShuiKouShan workers' movement led by the victory,Sung chiao-sheng、GengBiao such as the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries towards the revolutionary road,Now is a collection of non-ferrous metal mining、Ore dressing、Smelting、Processing、Trade in a body's industrial powerhouse。

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Hengyang auspicious xin metal products co., LTD Have a high-quality staff team,We dare to dare to do,Vigor and vitality,Positive,Comprehensive knowledge,And devoted to work。We uphold“Cherish the limited,Create infinite”The idea of,All of the human、Material resources、Financial resources、Technology、Management means,And culture、Brand、Image, etc,Good faith、About responsibility,Practical,Constant innovation、Unity and cooperation、Create unlimited wealth and potential。We take the customer as the center,Heavy work、Actual effect、See the performance,The service in every link of the company operation,Provide the omni-directional high-quality service to customers。

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  • The name of the company:Hengyang auspicious xin metal products co., LTD

  • The company type:A limited liability company(A natural person investment or holdings)

  • Scope of business:Metal products production、Processing、Assembly;Electrical equipment、Wire and cable、Plastic materials and plastic products、Mechanical equipment、Wujinjiaodian、Doors and Windows、Building materials、Metal materials、Chemical raw materials(Do not contain dangerous goods)、Daily provisions domestic trade;Undertake transport of goods、Logistics;Equipment manufacture、Maintenance and repair、The installation;Landscape and municipal engineering;Information and technical advice。(Subject to approval in accordance with the project,By the related department approval to operate)

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