Therefore, yu kui chemical co., LTD Located in jingmen high-tech industrial development zone,In2002Years was established,Is the provincial construction department approve the two class building decoration engineering contracting enterprises,The company which has the function of waterproof water bag granite multi-color、Natural really stone paint、Rock pieces of paint、Metal fluor-carbon painting、Elastomeric gigging paint、Environmentally friendly super weather resistance fight corrupt self-cleaning exterior coatings、Building special putty and special compound fertilizer anti-caking agent(Paste and powder)And other series products,Is a collection of scientific research and development、Production、Sales、Design、Construction in the integration of the professional building decoration enterprise。The company has professional construction and technical personnel500More than 1、Electric basket200All sets and ancillary equipment construction decoration,Can undertake all kinds of large buildings、Decoration decoration engineering。 The company first-class production equipment、Strong technical force,Perennial with wuhan university of technology、Chemical research institute of Beijing normal university、Hebei xingtai and other colleges and universities maintain technical exchanges,And by the Hong Kong hongfeng chemical group chairman of the board of directors of the company、Changchun institute of applied chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences, Dr He Xianchong served as director of technology。......

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