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Yibin city dragon wood industry co., LTD. Guangdong

Contacts:Ke-xiu wang

Hand Machine:13890911755

Seat Machine:0831-2380195

Q  Q:983000979


The ground The address:Yibin tsui district auspicious name south west district23Building2Unit2Layer2-DNumber

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Dragon, yibin city guangdong wood industry co., LTD., yibin, local decoration materials sales merchant,In2016Years6Month1Number was established,The company address is located in yibin city tsui district auspicious name south west district23Building2Unit2Layer2-DNumber,Warehouse area300Square meters。Currently has sales、A total of warehouse staff10People。The main sales cassette keel、The main keel of bone、Deputy bone keel、The vertical keel、The keel of heaven and earth、Triangular keel、The keel of the lacquer that bake、And all kinds of keel accessories;And gypsum board、Calcium silicate board、Floor slab、Block board、Flame retardant plate、The loose board、Sandwich plate、Mineral wool board、PVCStick a panel board, etc,Within the company in recent years, sustained by sichuan customer's attention,With the development of the market,Company's market has its own distributors in sichuan and a salesman。

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