The phone company:0373-5828552
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The ground  The address:Xinxiang of henan province high-tech development zone, east neighborhood
    Xinxiang seaside pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is located in xinxiang of henan province high-tech development zone,Was established2004Years8Month,The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of80000Square meters(120m),The construction area 15000Square meters,The existing total assets2.4One hundred million yuan,The fixed assets30%Used in the construction of environmental protection facilities。
    Our main products are beauty e.faecalis intermediates、Bake south intermediates imine、West division he ding intermediates、Ertapenem intermediates、Faropenem intermediates、Than APei south intermediates、Panitan culture south intermediates、He cultivates south intermediates、For than Mr South intermediates, etc。
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Trading volume:HandThe volume of business:Ten thousand yuan
Bromine propionyl screw benzo oxazine ring
Malonic acid to nitrocellulose benzyl ester(
Ring of malonic acid isopropyl ester
Nitrogen heterocyclic ketone4-AA
Beauty e.faecalis intermediatesF9
Miscellaneous nitrogen bicyclic phosphate(MAP
The beauty of the protected e.faecalis(F1
Imine culture south mother nucleus(BCK)
West division he ding intermediates(CDCH
West division he butyric acid
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