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Taizhou ShenGuang washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD

Industrial washing machine factory,Industrial washing machine manufacturers,Industrial washing machine sales

Taizhou ShenGuang washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of washing、Printing and dyeing、Environmental purification equipment mainly are gradually moving towards without area enterprise group enterprise technical cooperation between China and Japan。

The company introduced many washing machine design,Are national utility model patent application,The crystallization of technology cooperation between China and Japan will provide China washing machinery industry added a flower。

The main products of the company:Industrial washing machine,Industrial washing machine,The washing machine

Warmly welcome customers to patronize our company,Development at the same time also welcome you to our company and products put forward valuable Suggestions,We will take the quality and integrity can help build a bridge of you my friendship,I am your build win-win platform!

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