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    In order to let the customer experience of our products and services have no distance,The implementation“To become the world famous brand enterprises”The goal of,“Everything we do is based on the development of the customer”,Let more customers expect to improve our products and services directly。The main:ActuatorsPneumatic actuatorsThe electric actuatorAnd so on。

    Introduction to the enterprise
    Aosaite valveAosaite valve group co., LTD(KST),Is a high-tech enterprise,Committed to manufacturing,Marketing,Research and development of automatic control valves。...

    Digital manufacturing
    Aosaite valveWe focus on lean manufacturing technology to explore and improve...

    Product display
    Aosaite valveAosaite valve groupAs a passISO9001、CE、ChinaCMDCertification of enterprises,Product quality stable is known to all...

    Service center
    Aosaite valveCompany to the customer is divided into multiple regions,Each region are equipped with a full-time customer service personnel、The number of maintenance personnel,Through customer service personnel will be some problems timely feedback to company,And urge relevant departments to improve...
    Product display
    Customer satisfaction is our only goal international exchange
    Aosaite valveAosaite valveAosaite valveAosaite valve
    Aosaite valveAosaite valveAosaite valveAosaite valve
    Aosaite valveAosaite valveAosaite valve
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