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Jianmin environmental protection co., LTD., established in fuzhou2004Years8Month,Is the fuzhou city industrial and commercial bureau、Fuzhou safety bureau、And a number of units in fuzhou AiWeiBan approved the establishment of formal harmful biological control(PCO)Professional company,And at the same time"China mouse and sanitary pest damage prevention and control association"A member of the unit,The company mainly manages the four pests drugs and devices and provide door-to-door pests sanitizers、Environmental disinfection、Termite control、Indoor and outdoor air pollution and other professional services,A large number of professional extermination、Was used、Disinfection experts and technical operation personnel。The company adopts modern enterprise management,The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced insecticidal sterilization equipment,New technology constantly,Major hotels in fuzhou and the surrounding counties and cities、The supermarket、Food factory、The hospital、The school、Real estate and other units to provide shoppers,Is deep the customer consistent high praise。

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Fuzhou jianmin environmental protection co., LTD