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Beijing oda electronic technology co., LTD. Is a set design、Development、Manufacturing、The sale in a body,Specializing in the production of analytical instruments and biochemical instruments enterprises。The main products are specific surface area and pore tester、Fully automatic specific surface area analyzer、Automatic real density analyzer、Aperture ratio surface analyzer、Aperture ratio surface area detector、Aperture ratio surface area analyzer、True density detector、Chemical micro detector..
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  • The pore porosity analyzer

    The pore porosity analyzer

    The latest physical adsorption instrument,Quality leading industry...
  • True density analyzer

    True density analyzer

    True density analyzer,Constant temperature all the core technology...
  • Ultra-high speed than surface area

    High speed than surface area

    Ultra-high speed than surface area,30Minutes8As a sample...
  • High-performance pore size analyzer

    High-performance pore size analyzer

    Perfect test precision、Comprehensive testing of the model...
  • Chemical adsorption instrument

    Chemical adsorption instrument

    Compatible with a variety of experiments,TPR,TPD,TPS...
  • Micro device

    Micro device

    Chemical reaction type high degree of customization,...
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  • Specific surface area analyzer
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