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HWGK2-8High voltage reactive power intelligent controller
HWCZBCapacitor protection unit
HWGK-IVType high voltage reactive power compensation controller
HWGK-ⅢType high voltage reactive power compensation controller
HWGK-ⅡType high voltage reactive power compensation controller
HWJKFIndoor cabinet reactive power automatic compensation device
Distribution transformer comprehensive distribution cabinets(JPArk)
HWTSCFast reactive power automatic compensation device
HWTBS、HWVQCSDouble control type substation high voltage
HWVKCVoltage controlled adjustable capacitance substation high voltage reactive power automatic filling
HWVKCXHigh voltage line voltage controlled adjustable capacitance reactive compensation
HWFWZ-10(6)XHigh voltage line reactive power automatically
HWMSVCType dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering of complete sets of equipment
HWS-WTSeries of stepless adjustable capacity distribution transformer
HWS-DZA series of dynamic high overload distribution transformer
HWS11-M.ZTSeries of on-load automatic capacity(Adjustable
HWSZ11Series of wide load distribution transformer
HWOSZSeries10kVThe line voltage regulator
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Pre-sale service

Pre-sale service

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Sale service

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After-sales service

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