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Sichuan to hengye letter trade co., LTD(Mianyang rush of stainless steel)Focus on metal products industry18Years。The company has the abundant technical force and advanced CNC processing equipment,Mainly engaged in stainless steel、Colored steel and other metal materials processing、Sales and all kinds of form a complete set of stainless steel construction。

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Sichuan to hengye letter trade co., LTD

Store three mile bridge:0816-2341162

Address:In mianyang, a western loop77Number(The three mile bridge、The original transport next to the hotel)

YiDe shop:0816-2252116

Address:YiDe trade cityHThe area under a building(23-25Number)

Mobile phone number:18981186880 / 19982737268 / 13398398787 / 18161037628

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