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Fuqing city wen-fu food co., LTD is a production of vacuum freeze drying food consisting mainly of modern enterprise。The company has the advanced vacuum freeze drying equipment,Using high quality raw materials,To ensure the quality of the product,Company introduces the precision on the physical and chemical health testing equipment and quality monitoring device,For the strict control of each process in the process of production。 At present main products are dry durian、Durian powder、Frozen durian meat,Is the first domestic manufacturer of vacuum freeze-drying durian dry。Durian fruit contains a variety of vitamins,Rich nutrition,Unique flavor,A“The king of fruits” The laudatory name。In our company-45℃Under the durian meat frozen rapidly,And then to vacuum drying。By vacuum freeze drying of fruit,Only remove the flesh moisture,Keep fresh fruit of vitamins and minerals,Keep fresh fruits originally Shape, size,Contains no artificial additives and preservatives,Let you to enjoy the natural flavor,Nutrient-rich natural essence of durian。 The company insists on“Working,The good faith innovation”For the idea,Direction for green food。Efforts to constantly for the majority of customers to provide quality products and sincere professional services。At the same time of enterprise development,We sincerely hope to establish partnership with domestic and overseas customers,To create prosperity!

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Contact usCONTACTS

Fuqing city wen-fu food co., LTD

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