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  Anyang city general-secretary agrochemical co., LTD is a research、Development、Production、Business is a body comprehensive enterprise。Company with several scientific research units and more than agricultural research institutions in close cooperation,By the green environmental protection,Market as the guidance,Committed to the development of pesticide products and development。Company to pragmatic、Innovation、And progress、The spirit of dedication,Adhere to the people-oriented,Continuously introduce new products,Market innovation,The enterprise into a learning、Service oriented、The go-ahead、The innovation、The management idea of harmonious team,Attracted a large number of pesticides、Plant protection、In analytical chemistry、Chemical industry、The enterprise management、Commodity marketing professional...
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  • Q:How to choose a suitable for my smoke agent

      Choose appropriate greenhouses smoke agent,Such as before PengShi engraftment,Can be used chlorothalonil smoke agent for their early prevention。When PengShi tomatoes、Cucumber leaf mildew occurs,...

  • Q:The deep meaning of pesticide qr code

      In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of people,Guarantee the quality safety of agricultural products and agricultural materials products,To ensure that the citizens“Vegetable basket”The quality and safety,Pesticide products...

  • Q:Do you know how to better use of aerosol?

      Proper use of greenhouses aerosol can ensure a better effect,Also can avoid the waste of greenhouses smoke agent。  Specifically to make smoke agent use...