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High-performance platform,Workshop of large data with mobile Internet

MestarThe platform adopts the cross-platformJ2EETechnical framework,Based on the ai sewing worker China enterprise basic technology platform(FPP)、Underlying business platform(BPP ) And modular plug-ins (Plug-Ins) The multi-tier architecture,The introduction of extensible meta object is built...Click more】

A new generation of manufacturing operations management(MOM)Suite

Ai sewing worker in China industry developed countries experience and platform technology combined with China's manufacturing industry actual demand,With the aid of top domestic scientific research institutions of talent advantage and project results,Research and refined independent intellectual property rights of a new generationMOMSuite-UniMax【Click more

Global mobile applications to build high performance digital factory

Ai sewing worker in China will be industry experience in industrialized countries、Platform technology combined with China's manufacturing industry actual demand,With domestic top talent advantage and subject of scientific research institutions,Passing by10Years of practical application,Research extracted..【Click more】

Professional services,Continue to create value

Ai is generalized digital factory sewing worker China application solutions and initiator and practitioner of the model,Advocate the concept of digital factory,Through ai sewing worker integration technology and complete product system,Help Chinese enterprises to realize high performance digital factory floor...【Click more】