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15Baked in high temperature smelting equipment manufacturing experience Reduce labor costs · Improve the production efficiency · High efficiency and energy saving

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Army into a one-stop professional services,Allows you to save time,And effort,And worryprofessional service

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Advanced technologyShandong army,One-stop supporting

Shandong army into15Years of smelting high temperature of professional experience,Has perfect craftsmanship and advanced production equipment,According to the special requirements of users for non-standard design services;

Shandong army become integrated analysis provide out,Equipment selection,Calcium carbide production machine divides the overall scheme and the optimization design of one-stop service, Let the customer save time,And effort,Worry。

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Professional teamStrive for perfection,Energy saving efficiency

Shandong army into more different requirements of customers of different features,Suitable for more work,Make sure of efficient machinery

Research and development of professional design team,He li has moved equipment structure,Concise。It is more convenient to operate,To reduce the production cost for the customer,Safety production。

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Experience in senior engineer to provide professional technical guidance,Solve your problems in the process of production;

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Shandong army into mechanical technology co., LTD,Located in the hometown of the famous FeiTao--Status within the territory,East from five mountains of mount tai(Tai\u2019an City)30Kilometers,The north and the provincial capital jinan apart70Kilometers,East by the beijing-shanghai railway、104National highway、Beijing-fuzhou expressway、The beijing-shanghai expressway,Countries are planning of shandong Qingdao to xinjiang red its achieving close to the factory after the completion of the highway across the seam,The factory close to the beijing-shanghai railway,Highway、Railway transportation is very convenient。Specializing in the productionFrom the robot、The blast furnace hydraulic rock drill、Material surface processor、The blast furnace hydraulic machine、Open eye machine、The blast furnace hydraulic clay gun、Dao furnace machine、Calcium carbide furnace from machine、From manipulator,Has the abundant technical strength,Advanced detection means,First-class production equipment,Especially pay attention to vigorously promotes the quality of products,To have a good mastery of high-quality products to win customer prestige,Rising market reputation,Enterprise scale is growing。Welcome all the customers to the company to negotiate。

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From vendors would analysis of blast furnace hydraulic machine parts
Full hydraulic pressure of main drive system,The hole hydraulic control system,Is to use three****The oil pump、Three independent hydraulic control circuit。
Calcium carbide furnace hydraulic rock drill manufacturer analysis of hydraulic rock drill fluid
Hydraulic rock drill is a new type of rock drill appeared in recent years,Basic can be divided into two types。
Effect of blast furnace hydraulic rock drill impact energy and impact frequency
The basic properties of the blast furnace hydraulic rock drill can be divided into impact performance、Turning performance、Drilling performance and noise features four aspects。