And the ideaClassy·Kiss Belief
  • Concentrate only do yogurtNo nothing,Comes from a concentrated focus on faith。Card and inheritance spirit of European craftsmen,All the power focus on yogurt business。In the heart of craftsmen,The heavy full-bodied taste achievement every cup of yogurt。To a high standard for every family to offer good yogurt in the true sense。
  • Do the best in the world of yogurtIn the view,Only high standards strictly control each link,To produce the best yogurt。
    So,Card and do not hesitate to denounce is gigantic endowment integration of the whole industrial chain,Strict screening of raw materials suppliers,Cooperation with international in one hundred strains of enterprises,To establish the international most advanced yogurt production line,Adopted“HACCP+ISO9001”Double quality certification system、Build the entire cold chain logistics,Raw material purchasing、Research and development、Production、The quality control、Logistics and sales each link such as organic integration efficiently。
  • Do the best in the world of yogurt production enterpriseCard,Focus relentlessly resourceful,In the forward、Harvest,More after the achievement and honor,Shouldering the social responsibility,To provide users with the best quality products and services。
Brand storyBRAND STORY
On the day of the edge appears the first glimmer of the light,
A said Steve dog's milk
He set off through the morning,
Through the woods,
Steps over green space,
Full of rich creamy yoghurt,
In the pure and fresh flavor of alpine meadows
Sent to every noble mansion,
Then,Sir Alex ferguson and his wife are happy、A day of grace
In the thick milk incense
Carefree beginning……
Product linePRODUCTS
Magic cardcharm Classy·Kiss
Yan100%Towards the standard of raw milk

Selected European quality probiotic perfect match

“HACCP+ISO9001”The entire prosecution double quality system