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Wuxi branch building materials co., LTD,Is produced、To learn、Research of combining the modern company。Is the product of environmental protection era,The crystallization of high technology。Is located in wuxi national hi-tech development zone,Wuxi city center distance only10Kilometers,Close to the beijing-hangzhou grand canal,In the face of312National highway,Water and land transportation is very convenient,Created good conditions for the development of enterprises with a total investment of eighty million yuan,Is a professional research、Development、Production of special cement mortar、Ordinary ready-mixed dry mortar and other new type of green environmental protection and energy saving building materials science and technology enterprises。The municipal environmental protection bureau for examination and approval of a special mortar production line、Three ordinary mortar production lines,Annual design production capacity can reach100Ten thousand tons。

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The performance characteristics of insulation dry mortar


The thickness of insulation mortar for restrictions,The effect of heat preservation co., LTD,General use polystyrene insulation materials such as wall thermal insulation,Interior wall insulation materials will not be used,So the thermal insulation mortar。20mmThick inorganic thermal insulation mortar is for the use of the inside wall heat preservation,5mmSpecial thick...

Dry mixing ready-mixed mortar

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