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Founded in Australia lei group1994Years,With unique stone resources,After nearly 20 years of steady development,Has grown into a professional、Many brands of development-oriented enterprises,Formed by stone material product development at home and abroad、Design、Production、Processing、Sales、Of the stone operation for leading service,Set logistics、Mine、Sculpture、The real estate、Education、Import and export、Decoration engineering、International hotel、Tourism、Investment management, and other industries on the basis of industrial structure,Now has the xiamen bay lei group co., LTD、Xiamen bay lei investment management co., LTD、Xiamen bay lei industrial co., LTD、Nanan Australia lei stone industry co., LTD、Xiamen bay lei decoration engineering co., LTD、Fujian Australia lei real estate co., LTD、Xiamen xu stone co., LTD、Xiamen atlas tripod hotel management co., LTD、Guizhou he mining co., LTD、Tai fung international(Singapore)Industrial co., LTD、Xiamen capacity and network technology co., LTD、Xiamen surplus over the import and export co., LTD、Australia lei division in the United States、Fengshun fuxing fuk stone industry co., LTD., and other economic entities,Is a diversified large-scale comprehensive enterprise group co., LTD。 To learn more...

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