Qing Yuan Hanjiang Glasswool Tech. Co., Ltd
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Formaldehyde-free glass wool
YukosU—TFormaldehyde-free environmental centrifugal glass wool is made from natural minerals such as quartz sand、Dolomite、Borax and other inorganic materials,In accordance with the requirements for specific process formula ratio mixed……
Tube and shell
Scope of application:Adiabatic insulation of pipe system、Heat preservation、RON noise;Quality:Environmental protection free from contamination,Through the national testing ……
Wool blanket
This product is used for insulation、To prevent condensation、For indoor and outdoor noise、The rain and the air are superior to eliminate noise and less function…
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    Qingyuan said han jiang glass cotton technology co., LTD. Was established2006Years,Taiping's tracker industrial park is located in guangdong province and fresh area,Cover an area of an area35000Square meters or so,Is he jiang subsidiary of the company,Company headquarters is located in chengdu, sichuan province QingBaiJiang industrial zone,Chengdu has said han jiang new building material co., LTD and our company,In order to produce glass wool series products,And anhui JiYao glass fiber co., LTD,In producing superfine glass wool andVIPBoard give priority to。The company mainly produces glass wool and its series products,Group co., LTDISO9001:2008International quality system certification,Strict management、Science,Advanced technology and equipment,Perfect sales service system,Product quality to achieve or exceed national standards,Is group co., LTDGB/… [MORE]