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about us On the macro ShouYuan------Enjoy a healthy life,Experience the wonderful life!
      The company for all kinds of endowment institutions、The community and family endowment provide optimal aging space transformation service,Sales of various protective non-slip products,Comfortable furniture of aging,Rehabilitation equipment,Assistive devices and intelligent life products and so on,Designed to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for old people
      The company equipped with professional optimum aging space transformation,Body function in comprehensive evaluation of the old man and the environment that occupy the home after a suitable safe home environment for the design of the old man。Our products are through professional production equipment and strict scientific management of manufacturing and production,In conformity with national quality standards,Safe environmental protection,Widely used in the hospital、Endowment institutions,The environment that occupy the home, and all kinds of public facilities...[To check the details]
about fujieOn rich home decoration
      The company was established in rich home decoration2015Years3Month17Number,The company is located in panzhihua. Renhe benevolence and village205-3Number(Park districtDBuilding)。Is specialized in indoor and outdoor decoration design and construction;Landscape design,And advertising design、Production、Marketing planning、Corporate image design。Sales:Water and electricity materials、Building materials、Industrial products、Hardware a professional decoration company,With innovative design、Reasonable quotation,There are a number of independent professional construction team,To ensure that the construction of green environmental protection,Safety culture。
      The company in line with quality first,Pursuit of the perfect design concept。With advanced design concept、A reasonable budget price、The excellent construction technology、In the whole process of the high quality service,Sincerely for every customer to customize a new、Environmental protection、Grace、Comfortable life that occupy the home culture space....[To check the details]

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