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Tianjin ChangShun da technology co., LTD. Is engaged in deceleration machine maintenance、Fan maintenance、Refrigeration equipment maintenance、Pump maintenance、Motor maintenance and so on a series of professional firms。Existing staff18People,Strong technical force,All kinds of special equipment is perfect,Are have many years of experience in repair repair electrical equipment professional enterprise。Main business:Speed up the machine、Fan、Refrigeration equipment repairVarious types of large motors、Pump maintenance。To undertake various types of tianjin fan maintenance、All kinds of voltage grade ac synchronous motor、Synchronous motor、Asynchronous motor、Dc motor、Special motors and all kinds of dry type transformer、Rectifier transformer、Frequency-sensitive rheostat、Electric tools、All kinds of electrical equipment such as power equipment repair engineering。Has rich experience in maintenance and higher professional technology。 My company has always been to carry out“The price is reasonable,The customer is supreme,Good faith for this”...

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Tianjin ChangShun reducer maintenance company to provide professionalTianjin motor maintenance,Tianjin pump maintenanceTianjin refrigeration equipment repairAnd other services.You are welcome to call advisory business:13132175557

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