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  • The company has spawned“Gen 文巩 guard”In the boom..2019-09-09
  • Our company in the interest of employees a swimming competition..2019-08-27
  • We held a symposium of new recruits..2019-08-26
  • Jiangsu sino-french water to our company for lm cross audit..2019-08-21
  • The company held a welcome meeting new hires..2019-08-09
  • Sanya, a lot of water supply“Most run again”Thumb up..2019-08-06

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Water quality onlineRegional water pressure

      The prison Measurement Points      Water  Because of the pressure
      JiYang station      0.278(Mpa)
      Yalong bay      0.279(Mpa)
      Sea slope      0.299(Mpa)
      Sheep bar      0.332(Mpa)
      Dadonghai      0.212(Mpa)

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Water daily small problem summary..

1.Why is water when the water pipe product? There are air in the water pipe,Water pipe..